King’s Choice: How to boost your Knights and prestige to expand your empire

Managing your own kingdom is anything but simple – you’ll not only have to manage the political affairs in your court, but you’ll also have to ensure your legacy with the heirs you sire. While King’s Choice lets you have your pick of companions you can build your future with, the RPG sim doesn’t let you forget to expand your reach across your territories, and here’s how you can boost your power and rule with an iron fist.

The four famous Scholars

The Lord of the realm can’t rule over his people alone, and in King’s Choice, your Knights play a crucial role in boosting your power and prosperity. In particular, your Knights contribute their Strength, Intellect, Leadership, Charisma, and Power attributes to provide you with a wide variety of buffs to add to your Lord’s Power.

As such, you’ll have to select the right Knights you want to have by your side via Main Quests, Ranked Events, Recommendations, and the 7-day Sign-in. The top Scholars to aim for are Thomas Aquinas, Aristotle, Homer, and Leonardo da Vinci – they’ll not only offer High Initial Talents but also Extra Aura Effects. Be sure to join ops events to acquire [Books of Sages] – collecting ten of these will help you summon a Famous Scholar.

The right Knight for the right occasion

Aside from the top dogs of knighthood, you can also choose which ones to prioritize depending on the amount that you recharge. For V2 or lower, Ferdinand Magellan, Greg, Galileo Galilei, and Terrence all have their own advantages based on their Strengths, Leadership, Charisma, and more.

For V3 or higher, the best choices are well-rounded Michelangelo for Strength and Dante Alighieri for Intellect. You can also rely on Edward for Charisma thanks to his power even without any Lover buffs.

On matters of prestige and power

Watching videos, saying congratulations, and doing dailies aside, you can earn more prestige points to boost your lord levels quicker. For instance, you can acquire newbie, standard and advanced certificates from the alliance store, while trying to clear 20 chapters every day in Endless Wars rewards you with five prestige per chapter.

During cross-server events, aim to place in the top 50 to nab multiple prestige boxes. You can also take advantage of the Alliance Shop for four boxes every day at 50 each. Plus, the Banquet Store is simply waiting for you to spend your banquet points especially when you take advantage of the occasional 20% to 50% off discounts.

Cheers to the first year onwards

Ready to boost your power and be the greatest ruler of all in King’s Choice? You can do all these and more during the first anniversary festivities, as well as enjoy a new Pet system and Home system where you can spruce up the place and earn Charm boosts.

To join in on the fun, you can download King’s Choice on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store for Android devices today. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.