Five Hidden Features of iPhone

If you have been using a few iPhone models for a number of years, it doesn’t mean that you are aware of all their features. iOS is a feature-rich operating system and with each new feature, you get additional features that you may know about. If you currently use the iPhone 13 with the latest iOS 15.5 update, there could be a few hidden features of iPhone that you don’t know yet.

Silence unknown callers

Nobody likes being called by strangers all the time. Whether it’s a wrong number or non-stop calls from telemarketers, those calls can be really annoying. Luckily, newer iOS versions allow you to silence spam calls. When enabled, any voice call from an unknown number will be placed in the voicemail. This feature is useful if your phone number is widely distributed in business cards and brochures, but you only want to respond to anyone you know. You can review any incoming calls in voicemail and decide whether you should call them back. Go to Settings > Phone and enable “Silence Unknown Callers”.

Find words on Safari

If you seek a specific piece of information, you may end up opening a long webpage with plenty of text. It can be time-consuming to find what you want in a lengthy webpage and many iPhone users don’t know that they can find a specific phrase or word quickly. Type a word or phrase you want in the search bar and choose “On this page”. Relevant keywords will be highlighted and you can review them quickly.

Keyboard shortcuts

Typing a long-phrase or complicated word over and over again can be tiring and tedious, regardless of what smartphone model you use. Using copy and paste may not be the most practical thing in some situations. Instead, you can create keyboard shortcuts that you can use repeatedly. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. On the top right corner, tap on the + symbol. Type in your preferred phrase in the Phrase field. Also, type in the preferred snippet in the Shortcut field. At the top right, tap the Save button.

Undo your mistakes

There are times when you make mistakes accidentally, such as deleting a long sentence that you have typed. Instead of retyping it, you can undo the mistake by tapping in the text field with three fingers at once. Alternatively, you can shake your device to undo your mistake. If you want to redo any action, you can shake the iPhone a second time. If you often activate this feature accidentally, you should go to Settings> Accessibility > Touch and disable “Shake to Undo”.

Share webpages as PDF files

Most of the time, we share a relevant and interesting webpage by putting a URL on social media pages and emails. It’s a lot more convenient for recipients to receive PDF files because they will load quickly, especially when cellular coverage is less than ideal. Open a webpage and take a snapshot of it. If you have a newer iPhone model, press and hold both the Volume Up and Side buttons to make a screenshot of the webpage. On an older iPhone with the physical Home button, you should press it along with the Power button simultaneously to take a snapshot of the screen. Tap Full Page in the screenshot editor and you can save it as a PDF file.

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