Colours of iPhone 14: What We Know So Far

People have their own personal preferences when it comes to choosing a device they want. One common way to personalize your gadget is to choose one with your preferred colour. While many prefer to choose basic black or white colour for their iPhone, a smaller proportion of niche users prefer something different. If you are a user of a pink iPhone 13 or a “Pacific Blue” iPhone 12 Pro, you may wonder whether the iPhone 14 will have something similar. It’s obvious that colour isn’t the biggest feature of an iPhone. Instead, people will focus more on the hardware specifications, such as A16 Bionix SoC or 48MP primary camera. Even so, if the colour selection is important for you, it is a good thing to find what the colour of iPhone 14 will offer you in terms of colour selection.

Colours of iPhone 14

You shouldn’t expect to see something with a radical departure when you buy an iPhone 14. Just like previous models, it will come with unique colour selections. AppleTrack spotted a post from Weibo that the iPhone 14 will have a purple colour option. Rumours from China also mentioned that Apple will switch to something similar to sky blue, instead of the deep blue colour of the iPhone 13. It is claimed that the purple colour option will be available for both the regular and Pro versions of the iPhone 14. But in keeping with the iPhone Pro standards, the purple colour will have a dark matte shade. Previously, Apple offered us iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini with purple versions. The iPhone 11 also has the purple colour option, so it’s good news if you prefer a purple iPhone.

We also heard that the iPhone 14 will have mostly similar colours to the iPhone 13, which is currently white, black, red and blue. Unfortunately, Apple may decide to drop green and pink from available colour selections, which are preferred by some individuals. When predicting the colour options of the iPhone 14, it is a good idea to see the patterns. The standard iPhone 11 is available in black, white, purple, green, yellow and red, while the iPhone 11 Pro is available in Midnight Green, Space Grey, Silver and Gold. The standard iPhone 12 is black, white, blue, green and red, while its Pro version is Pacific Blue, silver, gold and graphite (grey). The standard iPhone 13 comes with Midnight (black), Starlight (White), blue, pink and red, while the Pro version is Sierra Blue, silver, gold and graphite (grey). It’s sensible to assume that the standard iPhone 14 will be available in black, white, blue and red. We can’t be sure whether green and pink will be available. The iPhone 14 Pro may have gold, silver and grey colour options, while blue and green are rather uncertain. It will be a good thing if purple makes a comeback with iPhone 14, especially if it’s your favourite colour. Given its track record, Apple will offer four or five colours for its standard iPhone 14 and four colour options for the iPhone 14 Pro.

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