New Features of iPadOS 16

For current iPad users, especially iPad Pro owners, the upcoming iPadOS 16 will change the way they use their devices. Apple has recently released the first public beta version of iPadOS 16 and it includes a variety of major enhancements. It will be available for any iPad with an M1 processor.  Here are the new features of iPadOS 16:

Stage Manager

At the moment, the iPad already has a decent multitasking environment. Not only you can run multiple apps at the same time, but there are options to enhance the experience further. With Slide Over, you can put apps on a stack of columns, with one applying atop another. Split View is a side-by-side layout that allows you to operate two apps at the same time on the screen. Stage Manager in iPadOS 16 brings the multitasking experience to the next level, allowing you to show four apps at the same time on the display. Instead of being placed on fixed tiles, these app windows are easily resizable and movable. Resize the app by dragging the edge of the app window or dragging the window to move the whole app. You can enable Stage Manager in Control Center. When it’s enabled, any recently opened app won’t take up the whole display.

Support for external display

With previous iPadOS versions, an external display will only mirror what’s shown on your iPad’s screen. But as soon as you connect an iPad with iPadOS 16 to another display, another home screen will appear if you have enabled Stage Manager. In this new home screen, there are no widgets, app icons, files, or folders. However, the dock is still visible and usable. You can resize four apps on Stage Manager as well. It means, you can run up to eight apps, with Stage Manager enabled on your iPad and the external display. This new feature may enhance your productivity level. As an example, you may use the iPad Pro to reply to your message with Mail and then use your external display to work with iSpreadsheet. For busy professionals, it is a much better arrangement than using Split View. At the moment, iPadOS 16 still doesn’t allow you to access the Notification tray and Control Center on the external monitor. However, Apple will definitely improve this feature in later iPadOS versions.

New iOS 16 features

iOS and iPadOS are not completely separate, in terms of development. Many new features of iOS 16 are also found in iPadOS 16 as well. As an example, you can delete and edit messages in the Messages app. The capability is also available in the Mail app. The Photos app of both iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 has improved photo editing features, like what you find in Photoshop. As an example, you can long-press an image to remove a person or any object from the background. It is a useful feature if you want to easily replace the background and share interesting photos with your friend.

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