Top 10 RingCentral Alternatives

In recent days RingCentral application is one of the most trusted ones among all the calling apps. The majority of Ringcentral users are happy with its features but in reverse, many others are pointing out its drawbacks such as it’s not suitable for individual users like freelancers.

Are you happy with the RingCentral application? It’s an all-in-one software that is becoming a fundamental part of all businesses which helps all of their employees and owners to connect for a meeting, conferencing, audio, video calling, texting, and many other prerequisites to make their work more convenient. This VoIP business application is availing day-to-day calling, conferencing, meeting, video, and audio calling.  

Today’s topic is all about the solutions to these problems. Many of its competitors have been launched in the market with better features. We will try our best through this deep knowledgeable conversation to make you able to choose the right RingCentral alternative. 

After thorough research, we have selected the top 10 best RingCentral alternatives for you so keep reading to find out the suitable one for your needs. 

Let’s get it done! 

Best Rigcentral Competitors

Following are the top 10 RingCentral alternatives that are competing with this mega VoIP business application because of their most updated problem-solving features. 

  • VoIP Business 
  • Nextiva 
  • RingBlaze 
  • CloudTalk 
  • Toky 
  • Dialpad 
  • 8×8
  • Vonage 
  • Go To Connect 
  • Grasshopper 

 All of these applications are top trending topics because of their advanced features and become the priority as Ringcentral alternatives. 

How to Choose the Best Ringcentral Alternative? 

Many Ringcentral competitors have been launched in a few previous years with updated features, not only for educational purposes, but many businesses are preferring them for calling, conferencing, audio and video calling, meeting, texting, and sharing your files too.

If you are going to choose any of these alternatives just make sure all of the following points would be very beneficial for you. 

  • Video and Audio Calling: Make sure that the application which you are choosing over Ringcentral must be good in audio and video calling which is very vital for your business dealings. 
  • Affordability: Don’t choose too pricey applications for your business, you will disturb your whole financial planning by spending enough money on any VoIP business application. Choose easy-to-afford applications with updated features. 
  • Functionality: Always prefer easy-to-use applications which will save training time and will be ready to use just after registering. 
  • Collaboration: Make sure that your respective VoIP business application is compatible with the most updated devices. If it will not collaborate with them then it will be troublemaking for you. 
  • Security: This is one of the most pivotal points of every VoIP application. The respective application should be able to keep all of your conversations, meetings, conferences, and calls safe and sound. Your whole interaction with your employees should be end-to-end encrypted.          

VoIP Business 

VoIP application is heading at the top of the list of Ringcentral alternatives globally because of its unique features. You will get all-in-one functionality in this application. 

Especially build for video calling, audio, conferencing, meeting, and texting for your business. All of its features are easy to learn and handle, you will be able to contact all of your workers at the same time which is a plus point for you to make your time more qualitative. 

All of your conversations will be end-to-end encrypted which is a good thing for your company’s privacy. 

VoIP Application Features

  • Call Routing 
  • Call Analytics 
  • Auto Attendant 
  • Call Forwarding
  • DND
  • Call Screening 
  • Call Notify 



  • 1 Phone Number: For a single number you need to pay 1.95 pounds per month
  • 3 Numbers: For 3 numbers you need to pay 4.95 pounds per month
  • 10 Numbers: For 10 numbers also you just need to pay 4.95 pounds per month 
  • International Phone Number: You can use an international number for just 12.95 pounds per month without paying any extra charges
  • Your Number on VoIP: The best thing about this software is that you can register your number on VoIP and for this, you just need to pay 20 pounds for a single time. 



This app will surely be going to help you out in improving communication and coordination. It will provide you with the most updated features like calling, audio, video, conference, texting, and meeting to improve your business services. 

If you compare this with the Ringcentral application, RingCentral will keep your call records for 90 days but the case is different with Nextiva, it will keep your call records for 6 months. 

The desktop app will provide you the features like chatting, calling, texting, and emails with proper data analysis. This app will feel easy to collaborate with any of the most updated devices which is a plus point for you. 

You shouldn’t choose those applications having all the most updated features which will help you to connect with any of the updated devices to enhance their quality. 

During group or single calls, your employees will be able to share their screens with you to show their work reports, and caller ID will provide you the control to allow or reject any of your customers to join the call. 


For its monthly plan:

Essential:  $14.95 per month  

Professional: $20.95 per month

Enterprise:  $26.95 per month

Ultimate:     $57.25 per month 


RingBlaze application allows you to make your business communication much better. You can use it with mobile and computer also without any additional changes. 

It makes you able to monitor all the incoming calls from clients and all other sources. You can generate your desired number which can be vanity, tool-free, or local. 

It provides you the service to access foreign numbers from 22 countries, while the case is different with the RingCentral app it will charge $5.99 per month. 

RingBlaze has a callbox that works the same as a dashboard and will appear with all the track records of which actions have been taken or completed. 

You can listen and track all the records and with thorough listening, you will be able to know the exact interest of the people which will make you able to serve people more efficiently. To use this VoIP business application you need to pay $15 per month. 


It’s a dependable and appropriate software for all types of calls, and its solutions such as supportive, outbound, inbound, and virtual call centers.  

It’s a guaranteed application that will never break its connectivity during its use which is the key point behind its success in the market. 

The call quiring option will make you able to differentiate all the calls according to their purposes. This is the best way to separate clients based on their interests, which will help you to target those clients by providing them the things accordingly.

It will help you to keep a track record of the whole day’s incoming and outgoing phone calls and the call between your team members. You can also track all the old calls to analyze the customer’s point of view through analytical tools. 

RingCentral application will take extra charges to make its users able to use its advanced features. Now you can assume much better than how RingCentral alternatives are getting more engaging as compared to it because of its advanced and easy-to-manage features. 

All of you will be going to negate extra charges if you are getting the same features and easy functionality at less affordable prices.

CloudTalk Features

  • Call Porting: It is one of its services that you can use your number by putting it on CloudTalk
  • Call queuing:  It helps you to separate calls based on the client’s interest through analyzing tools
  • Internal Phone Number tags 
  • Fax to email: This feature allows you to receive all of your faxes directly in the form of emails. 


This application helps your business through a phone system to manage all the dealings with your team members and directly with the clients also. This software will help you to transfer your messages also in other languages, and the receiver will be able to convert that message into his respective language. 

You can keep calls on hold and can also forward messages in different languages to your colleagues and employees. You can also send large messages from google sheets and it also allows you to give responses to Whatsapp messages directly which is a very rare feature as compared with other alternatives. 

It will also make you able to be in contact with your clients to make them aware of your updated products which will be a plus point for you in this your clients will be in your contact for a long period. 

The Toky’s servers are present on many different continents which makes you sure about its safety and all of your meetings, calls, and conversations will be end-to-end encrypted. Toky uses industry-standard protocols for its security so you don’t need to be worried about its security issues. 

Its plans collaborate with Zoho CRM, Intercom, and Hubspot CRM with many other CRM tools whereas in reverse RingCentral allows you to collab with other updated devices only through its standard features, and for that, it will charge some extra money. 


Its entrepreneur plan cost $20 per month, the Business plan $25 per month, and you can customize the enterprise plans accordingly. 


This is one of the best RingCentral alternatives which provide messaging, calling, audio, video, and many other functions to deliver your business communications. 

It will provide your call to flip the ability to forward calls to the other team members and through this flipping, the feature will make you able to keep connected. 

However, it will provide you the screen recording features which will make you able to monitor your employee’s actions and performances. All the time you will be able to know which employee is sticking with work and which isn’t. Dial pad will detect all the spam messages, and calls, and will let you know about them. 

Hoping that you are getting familiar with all of these best RingCenter alternatives and their features, all of these have versatile features which make them different from the rest of them. 

You should prefer any of them according to the compatibility of its features for your business. The right selection will help you to take your business towards success. 


This app provides you a central platform for your business communication between your entire team and provides the features like phone, chat, and video. 

Its features allow you to track all the call records and get to know the purpose of every call.  

Features of 8×8 

  • Business Phone System 
  • Messaging 
  • Video Conferencing 
  • Audio Calls 


This RingCentral rival is one of the best sources of communication with clients and collaborates with other professionals by using tool-free numbers. It provides services like fax, mail, and messages with many other ways of communication. 

Vonage Features 

  • Voice 
  • Text Messaging 
  • Team Collaboration 
  • Conferencing 

Go To Connect 

This VoIP business application allows you to connect all the messaging, conferencing, meetings, and video calling at a single platform to get easy access to it. 

You can collaborate with other platforms like Salesforce, Google Calendar, Microsoft teams, and HubSpot. 


It’s another RingCentral alternative and its cloud-based system will keep all the call track records, to make your every business deal more secure and recordable. 

With this software, you can choose any of the numbers like local, tool-free vanity, and so on.

You can choose any of them according to your ease, which will be compatible with your business.  


All of these applications are top trending with the latest features and are widely being used as RingCentral rivels. The best thing is that you can use all of these applications by collaborating with the latest and most updated devices. 

This will make things easy for you to adopt all the upcoming updates to make your system more efficient and fast. Almost all of them are paid according to your using quality, and if your system is working at a large level and becoming financially stable then you can buy any VoIP business application to manage your system. 

We hope that all of you are now much familiar with the top 10 best RingCentral rivels and able to choose the right one for your business.