What To Do if You Lose Your iPhone?

losing iPhone

Latest iPhone models are a primary target for many thieves and due to their slim designs, it’s easy to misplace them. Despite your precautions, it is still possible to lose your iPhone, and here are things to do:

Ask around

It’s a very simple thing to do if you accidentally misplace your iPhone. You may ask family members, co-workers, or friends if they saw your smartphone anywhere. Often this will do the trick, but if you fail, you may choose other alternatives.

Call the phone

If you didn’t silence the ring tone, it is a good way to locate your iPhone easily. Borrow someone’s smartphone to call your own iPhone. You should be able to hear the ringtone and the vibration of your iPhone. If the device is within hearing distance, it should be very easy to locate it. Or someone may hear it ringing and answer it. Hopefully, it will be a good samaritan that will return it.

Use your Apple Watch

If you have paired the iPhone with your Apple Watch, it can help you to locate the missing device. The smartwatch comes with a feature to ping your iPhone. Go to Control Center by swiping up the bottom of the Apple Watch display. You should see the Ping iPhone button with an iPhone icon and lines on both sides if you lose your iPhone. Try to once and listen to whether you hear the Ping noise from your iPhone. If you want your iPhone to ping and flash, you need to press and hold the ping button on your Apple Watch. This feature works although you have completely silenced the iPhone.

Use Find My app

Apple provides additional ways to help you locate the iPhone. In your MacBook, iPad, and iPhone, there is a Find My app to locate these mobile devices. If you have another Apple device and open Find My app. If you still use the same account, you will get a list of devices registered with your account. There are options to get Directions to your iPhone or play sound. If your iPhone is far away, you can use the Maps app to find it. If you seek to approach the device, be sure to have a few friends with you, because you don’t who is using your iPhone right now. If you don’t have a paired Apple Watch with you, you can use the Find My app to ping your iPhone. If you have an iPad, check the bottom of the screen in the Devices tab to choose the iPhone you want to find. If you have a MacBook, check the top left side of the Find My app. Then choose Play Sound and if your iPhone is nearby, it should play a sound.

Use iCloud

Alternatively, you can use iCloud to locate your iPhone and this is useful if you don’t have an Apple device with the same account. On any smartphone or computer, go to iCloud.com. Log in to your Apple ID account and be sure it’s the same account you use for the iPhone. Click Find iPhone and you need to type in the password of your Apple ID again. Wait for a while and you will be notified about the last location of the iPhone.