Happin is the Idle App for Social Gathering


We are always looking for ways to connect with friends and family. It is important to keep the social aspect of your life going, especially if you find yourself busy with your job and family life. It can be difficult to arrange a meet-up with friends and enjoy a night out.

However, there is that saying, “there’s an app for that”. Happin is indeed one of those apps that lets you connect with people through everyday activities, events, and experiences. You can keep your eye on what your friends are doing and see who’s free so you can easily arrange to meet up at times that suit everyone. If you have some free time, the app allows you to gather people for events and activities that you have arranged. You can then easily send invitations, and arrange where and when to meet with your group. So no need to individually message back and forth to find out who’s coming or not.

Happin allows you to meet new friends who are like-minded from the events you attend.

Happin is easy to set up. Get a verification code the first time you sign up. Choose your language and the huge range of hangout types you will be interested in. There are outdoor, music, concert, camping, gaming, party, just to name a few. Give the app permission to your contacts and then you can start inviting people in your contact list. You can then jump straight into start using the app to sort your social life out.

Happin Features:

Meet New People

• Swipe through profiles and match with like-minded attendees

• Meet people nearby or go to specific events

• Make friends and chat with people who match your vibe

Find Events or Meetups

• Happin – Discover what people are up to

• Events – Explore trending, in person, online, my age, and more

• Audio party – Host your own virtual audio after-party

• Livestream – Host a streaming event with friends

Hangout Groups

• Hangout Group – Create or join group chats

• Private squad – Invite specific friends to chat and make plans

• Event chat – Make a temporary group chat for a certain event that will expire 48 hours after the event ends

Happin is a new way of enjoying yourself with friends and meeting new people to share an activity or event with. Amazing place to create memories that will last for a lifetime. Very unique app in its own right and it is available on the App Store and Google Play for absolutely free.