Android Features Still Missing From iOS

features missing

Apple makes constant improvements to its iOS operating system and the iOS 16 will be released in late 2022. Both Google and Android have mutually inspired one another in the development of Android and iOS. With each release of new versions of these mobile operating systems, users get new features and enhancements. Even so, there are still Android features that iPhone users don’t get from the latest iOS version.

Third-party apps for Control Center

The Control Center panel on your iPhone is a direct response to the Quick Settings of Android, but it still lacks features. There are third-party apps for Android users to improve Quick Settings further. As of the upcoming iOS 16, Apple has still a complete decision on how the Control Center should be.

Open the camera by double-pressing the power button

Although it’s easy to start using your camera on the iPhone, there should be a faster way. Normally, iPhone users just tap on the Camera app or swipe the home screen. On most Android models, you only need to double-press the power button to open the camera. This is better because you can take photos much more quickly, without interacting with the display of your device.

Support for RCS Messaging

Apple still refuses to adopt Google’s Rich Communication Services, which already become an industry standard to replace text-only SMS. This means any message from Android devices with embedded videos and photos will look terrible because it will be converted into regular SMS. Apple still sees RCS as a direct competitor to iMessage, so the company may never adopt it.

Always-on display

Many Android smartphone models come with an always-on display feature. It’s a practical low-power mode to constantly show notifications and a clock. It is a useful feature if you are expecting new notifications from clients through email or instant messaging. With its excellent battery life, there’s no problem for the iPhone to have a similar low-power, always-on functionality.

Notification Center on the lock screen

In terms of notification management, Android still does things better than the iPhone. Android users can get notifications about social media updates, email, and text messages right on the lock screen. This is a more convenient implementation and Android users don’t have to unlock their devices, because they can read snippets of notifications right on the lock screen.

Notification History

If Android users are wondering whether they have missed some notifications, there’s a Notification History interface to let them know what they have been missing in the past 24 hours. For busy individuals, it will be really helpful to find notifications that they accidentally miss. On iPhones, it is often time-consuming to find previous notifications, so a Notification History will be very helpful.

System-wide color customizations

Based on your wallpaper, Android 12 and newer can change the system-wide color palette for a better appearance. Android has been known for its limitless customization options, but iPhone users have so many restrictions. Not only iPhone users can’t use third-party themes, but there’s very limited option to change system-wide colors.

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