How to Optimize Settings of iPhone 14?

otimize iPhone setting

After buying the latest iPhone 14, you should make the most out of your investment. Improper settings may prevent you from getting the full benefits of owning a brand-new iPhone. It’s fairly easy to optimize the settings of your new device to make your life a lot easier. Here are a few settings you can tinker with to get the most out of the iPhone 14.

Enable 48MP ProRAW feature

With its 48MP rear-facing camera, it is recommended to enable the Pro RAW mode if you have an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max. Go to Settings > Camera > Format and set 48MP in Apple ProRAW. After that, you can easily enable or disable the Pro RAW mode by tapping the RAW button at the top right corner, when you open the Camera app. Each ProRAW photo will be around 75MB in size and it retains more details for flexible editing and cropping.

Enable 4K Cinematic Mode

The iPhone 14 Pro Max and three other models have 4k Cinematic video recording mode. Go to Settings > Camera. In Record Cinematic, you may choose 4K at 24 fps or 30 fps. This feature was first introduced in iPhone 13, which has a depth effect and cinematic-style depth focus.

Optimize low-light for Action mode

Action mode helps you produce smoother-looking videos by reducing vibrations, fast motions, and shakes. It is useful if you record videos while walking and in a moving vehicle. When enabled, there will be an Action button at the top left corner of the Camera app. Go to Settings > Record Video and enable Action Mode Lower Light.

Enable start-up sound

You can optionally enable sound when turning your iPhone 14 on or off. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual and enable Power On & Off Sounds. This gives you an audio cue when your phone is turned on or off.

Disable Always-On feature

By default, the Always-On feature of the iPhone 14 display is enabled. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness. This is useful if you want to maintain privacy because the Always-On feature will dim the display after a period of time. Your unread notifications, along with time, date and widgets are still visible. The iPhone 14 will return to normal brightness when you raise it or swipe the display.

Enable keyboard haptic feedback

iOS 16 has a new haptic feedback feature for the stock keyboard of the iPhone 14. It’s similar to what you find in many Android smartphone models. Each time you press a key, the iPhone 14 will vibrate slightly. When you type something quickly, it is a confirmation that the tap is registered. Enable this feature in Settings > Sound & Haptics > Keyboard Feedback and enable Haptic.

Skip confirmation when sending messages using Siri

When sending a text message using Siri, you will be asked for a confirmation. This can be time-consuming if you send text messages repeatedly. Go to Settings > Siri & Search and enable Automatically Send Messages.

Allow Siri to hang up calls

When you are driving or busy using both hands, it is convenient to allow Siri to hang up calls for you. Just say “Hey Siri, hang up” and the phone call will end automatically. However, you should know that the person on the other side can hear your verbal command to Siri. Go to Settings > Siri & Search and enable Call Hang Up.