Showcase your Talent and Connect with Music Professionals Through SPRK Music App

sprk music

If you’re a musician and you want to showcase your talent you know just how hard it is to do so in an industry that seems that only a small amount makes it to the big time. However, there are ways where you can connect with amazing music industry professionals and possibly get yourself on the big stage. The SPRK Music app acts as a business hub where talented musicians can connect with managers, talent scouts, producers, and much more.

SPRK Music allows artists to build a fan base with people that are willing to listen to their music. As a musician, you can upload your music video and get discovered almost instantly by new people across the world. You can promote music videos and all your information within the app. This can then be shared with a vast array of people that are interested in your talent. The app has a rating and feedback system that lets you hear what people think about your music and effectively grow your fanbase. SPRK Music’s powerful Artist Directory can provide a list of trending artists organized by specialty, genre, and demographics to forge a productive mutual partnership. You can filter your search from the large database to pinpoint exactly what you want. You can search for any type of gene or artist to a specification.

Another way to make sure to get your music heard is by filling spaces in venues and concerts. SPRK Music makes it amazingly easy for managers and promoters to find you to fit in their show even at the last minute. SPRK Music even allows you to meet and collaborate with different musicians from across the world. Imagine creating the next big hit to reach number one in the charts.

Record labels are constantly using SPRK Music to find new talent so you could be discovered in no time.


Build A Loyal Fanbase

  • Stream music on SPRK MUSIC to listen to the artists, genres, and beats you love
  • Music artist bios and profiles connect and engage you with your fanbase
  • Upload your photos, music videos, and content to our Artist Directory
  • Follow other artists on the platform, message users, and leave comments and ratings
  • Fans and artists can discover music from around the world

Meet & Collaborate with Musicians

  • Discover music collaboration opportunities with musicians and artists around the world online
  • Play songs, meet, and record together to create the ultimate song collaboration
  • Both up-and-coming and well-established artists are looking to collaborate with talented musicians
  • Stream music from other artists and decide if you want to collaborate all through SPRK MUSIC
  • Our app makes it easy to network with multiple artists across multiple genres

Get Discovered & Get Gigs

  • Get in front of music labels, venue managers, concert promoters, and industry scouts
  • With a profile and music library on SPRK, you can get scouted for gigs, events, and concerts
  • Artists from around the world are currently being discovered by fans and talent scouts
  • Access a network of record and music labels

SPRK Music is an app for both artists and music lovers. The app is available on App Store and Google Play Store