The Best Free iPhone Transfer Software 2023

Want to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to PC, and PC to iPhone but do not have decent software? In this guide, you will be given one of the best free iPhone transfer software, and how you can make full use of it.

Is there a free iPhone transfer software available?

iPhone has long been more than just a tool to keep in touch with others. You may use your iPhones every day to take photos, and videos, send emails and compose messages. There are four main reasons why you should use the best free iPhone transfer software:

  • Make a backup of important data. The iPhone saves a large amount of data that is important to you. You can use an iPhone transfer tool to back up important iPhone files such as photos and videos.
  • Organize and share iPhone files. Transferring photos, videos, or music between iPhone and Windows PC is simple and quick with free iPhone transfer software.
  • Help save iPhone storage space. When your iPhone 14, 13, 12, 11, and X run out of space due to a large amount of data on it, the best iPhone-to-PC transfer software can help you transfer data to a Windows computer, allowing you to save more space.
  • Transfer data to a new iPhone without backup. When you buy a new iPhone, you must transfer everything to the new iPhone using powerful iPhone transfer software to avoid losing anything.

Keep reading to get free iPhone transfer software as well as detailed instructions on how to transfer data between iPhones and computers completely or selectively.

Overview of the Company and product

Devoted to best-in-class backup products – AOMEI

As part of its mission to “Always keep global data safer,” AOMEI is committed to providing cutting-edge data backup software and services to protect all types of data while reducing human labor and unnecessary expenses. Since its inception in 2010, AOMEI has placed a strong emphasis on its core R&D capabilities, amassing a number of cutting-edge patent innovations that have improved the quality of its products.

For more than ten years, more than 50 million users, businesses, and governments in 180 countries have known and trusted AOMEI software solutions.

The best free iPhone transfer software – FoneTool

FoneTool, a professional transfer tool made for iOS devices, comes highly recommended and can meet all of your iPhone transfer software needs. First and foremost, let’s go through FoneTool’s functions and benefits:

Two ways to transfer files. As explained in the section below, you may use FoneTool to transfer all or just some data from one iPhone to another.

Quick data transfer speed. 100 image may be transferred in about 3 seconds. In less than 30 minutes, you may move everything from one iPhone to another.

Simple procedures and design. Finishing the transfer process is simple using FoneTool. You can handle it fast because of the user-friendly design.

Wide compatibility. To transfer files across various iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Windows PC models utilize FoneTool.

Free download FoneTool, and let’s use this capable iPhone transfer tool and follow the instructions below to transfer the desired files.

Main transfer functions of FoneTool

1# iPhone to iPhone Transfer

FoneTool’s iPhone-to-iPhone function is the ideal choice for you if you wish to switch to a new iPhone without losing any apps, types of data, or material.

You can move anything from one iPhone to another with only one click: Plug in two iPhones to your PC. Open FoneTool, then select the iPhone to iPhone transfer option. begin the transfer.


Your new iPhone will restart right away after the process is finished. You’ll see that everything on your previous iPhone has been migrated to the new one after restarting. You may now start using your new iPhone.

2# iPhone to PC/PC to iPhone Transfer

You may use FoneTool’s iPhone to PC/PC to iPhone features to selectively transfer files from iPhone to PC and vice versa. For the sake of a clearer demonstration, say you want to move images from iPhone A to computer, then from computer to iPhone B.

Step 1. Transfer photos from iPhone A to computer

  1. Connect iPhone A to computer > Choose iPhone to PC from FoneTool.

2. Choose the files you’d like to transfer > Start the transfer process.

Step 2. Transfer photos from the computer to iPhone B

Choose PC to iPhone option in FoneTool > Drag and drop the transferred photos to the blank box. Optionally, you can open the folder and add them here, too.

iPhone transfer software


The introduction to the free iPhone transfer software ends there. I really hope FoneTool enables you to quickly and easily transfer data between your iOS devices and computer.