Pocket Gamer Connects London Event, Celebrating 10 Years in the Game

pocket gamer connects

Pocket Gamer Connects is undoubtedly the best mobile gaming event to have launched. This year will see them exploring 10 years of providing some of the best meetups, networking, mobile gaming promotion, and expert advice in the industry. The first event will run on the 22-23 January 2024 in London The Brewery.

About Pocket Gamer Connects

Pocket Gamer Connects has become a cornerstone event for mobile gaming enthusiasts, developers, and industry professionals alike. Held annually, this event brings together a diverse range of stakeholders, fostering collaboration, innovation, and networking within the dynamic realm of mobile gaming.

The heart of Pocket Gamer Connects lies in its ability to unite experts from various facets of the gaming industry. Developers, publishers, investors, and service providers converge to share insights, discuss emerging trends, and explore opportunities in the ever-evolving mobile gaming landscape.

One of the event’s highlights is the diverse array of speakers who grace the stage. Renowned figures in the gaming industry share their experiences, success stories, and vision for the future. From indie developers with groundbreaking titles to executives from major gaming companies, the speakers at PGC provide valuable perspectives that resonate with both seasoned professionals and newcomers to the scene.

Networking is a key component of the event, offering attendees the chance to forge new partnerships, seek investment opportunities, and establish connections that can propel their ventures forward. The bustling atmosphere, coupled with dedicated networking sessions, facilitates meaningful interactions that go beyond the confines of traditional business meetings.

The Indie Pitches at Pocket Gamer Connects is a platform for indie developers to showcase their projects to a panel of judges, industry experts, and potential investors. This not only provides exposure for these talented developers but also serves as an incubator for innovative and groundbreaking games that might otherwise go unnoticed.

The event also features an expansive expo area where companies showcase their latest products, services, and technologies. From cutting-edge game development tools to marketing solutions tailored for mobile gaming, the expo at Pocket Gamer Connects is a treasure trove of resources for anyone involved in the industry.

The Pocket Gamer Connects event isn’t just about business—it’s also about celebrating the passion for gaming. Casual and competitive gamers alike find a haven where they can explore new titles, participate in tournaments, and engage with the community. This aspect of the event contributes to its unique atmosphere, blending the professional with the recreational.

In conclusion, Pocket Gamer Connects stands as a testament to the thriving ecosystem of mobile gaming. Its ability to bring together industry leaders, foster collaboration, and showcase the latest trends makes it a must-attend event for anyone looking to make their mark in the dynamic world of mobile gaming. As technology continues to advance and the gaming landscape evolves, Pocket Gamer Connects remains a vital hub for those who seek to stay at the forefront of this exciting industry.

You still have time to Register for the London event and get tickets at a discounted price. We are happy to be part of the event and have supported PGC since 2016.