Why Kotlin is The Future Of Android App Development

Since Google has made Kotlin the main support programming language for Android app development, it has seen a striking surge in popularity. Global businesses have started opting for this cutting-edge technology and started offering Kotlin app development services to make their digital products more robust.

When it comes to building Android apps, you have to have extensive knowledge of Java programming language. However, with the introduction of Kotlin in the Android development environment, things are changing steadily. Now, Kotlin is said to be the future of Android app development, and developers are turning towards technology. And the reason is Kotlin’s advantages for Android app development.

Advantages of Adopting Kotlin for Android App Development

Recently Kotlin has become a go-to option for building Android applications. The language is easier than its other Android technology counterpart Java. Not only this, there are so many other great advantages of adopting Kotlin for Android app development, such as:

Kotlin is easier to learn

Despite being based on Java, Kotlin is free from all the boilerplate code and complexity that Java has. The language has easier syntax. It has eliminated all those programming conventions that were prevalent in previous languages. For example, Kotlin does not need a semicolon to end the statement.

You can just hit enter and start writing code below the written line. This not only makes writing code easier but aids in better reading and understanding it. Kotlin also has smart casts and string templates. This and many other features of Kotlin make it one of the easiest modern languages to learn.

It is open-source

Kotlin was developed by JetBrains, a Czech-based software development company, in 2011. They open-sourced the language in 2012. Since then, it has gained a vast ecosystem built by its extensive community of newbies and experienced programmers.

This vast community of Kotlin developers also helps fellow community members solve various problems and guides them through various concepts.

It offers conciseness

One of the major problems developers are having with Java is its numerous lines of code. Java is notorious for its boilerplate code that makes programming time-consuming and hard to understand. This makes programming difficult, and code will be more prone to errors.

Less code is important for readability and conciseness. Kotlin offers both. Although Kotlin is Java-based, it also has much easier syntax than Java. Kotlin has omitted all of Java’s boilerplate code. It comes with clear and concise syntax that allows speedy development and also enables Java developers to switch easily.

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It is more compatible with Java

Since Kotlin is based on Java only, it offers great compatibility with this formerly prevalent Android app development language. Kotlin supports all the libraries and frameworks of Java. You can easily extend Kotlin’s functionality by incorporating Java’s classes and functions. Moreover, JetBrains has also built a translator, which helps developers migrate to Kotlin from Java.

Android developers can use both languages to build Android apps and can also convert long lines of Java code into Kotlin. No matter how large and complex Android projects you have, you can easily migrate them to Kotlin through JetBrain’s extensive language.

It is a mature language with great IDE support

Kotlin isn’t a new language anymore. It was built in 2011, so it is more than a decade old. This is enough time for a programming language to evolve and become a mature language. Though Kotlin was built in 2011, it was officially released in 2016.

In between these times, it went through numerous changes and alpha and beta releases. Through these years, it has gone through several improvements, despite being used in various projects in these years. It has great IDE support. Many IDE plugins allow Kotlin to use several of Java’s features.

It offers natural methods for building Android apps

Kotlin is a relatively easier and more powerful language than others. It does not need a big chunk of code to write minimal features. And you can build complex functionalities in a few lines of code. While Java suffers from some rigid issues, Scala, another programming language, has a slow compilation time.

Only Kotlin has proven its true worth in Android app development. One of the key features of Kotlin is its reasonable code. The syntax of Kotlin is so easy that developers can quickly understand it. Its code makes it feel natural and feels like reading English sentences.

It is a faster language for Android app development

Kotlin is a faster language in many ways. Since writing code is easier in this new programming language, it allows developers to build Android apps on the go. The language also has a faster compilation time than Java.

Moreover, Kotlin has lambdas, which allows developers to build features fast and also helps build strong code. However, Java developers might have a little hassle and take a while to learn this feature. But when they completely understand the concept, it becomes much easier for them to work with it.

It is a reliable programming language

One of the main reasons why Kotlin came into existence is that JetBrains, the developer company of Kotlin, wanted to have a programming language with some specific features that they wanted to use for themselves. And as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of innovation, so Kotlin was born out of necessity.

Since its inception, Kotlin has gone through several improvements and tests and has always proven its worth. It is now one of the reliable programming languages that Android developers can use without putting thorough thought into the security of the mobile app.

It is a high-end technology that saves developers from being obsolete

Java is slowly becoming obsolete, and developers are aware of that. For Android app development, Kotlin is the future, so developers should consider this and switch to it as early as possible. Once developers opt for Kotlin, they realize this modern language makes their work more efficient and their minds more creative. Think about Kotlin as an evolved version of Java. Kotlin is capable of handling complex functionalities like this predecessor language, and hence it makes total sense to use less complicated and more powerful versions of the legacy language.

It is a much safer option than Java

Kotlin is a safer option than Java. Java’s major problem is its structure. Since it has complex syntax, it leads to writing more lines of code, where developers are prone to make mistakes. These mistakes result in bugs and make apps more vulnerable and slow-performing.

Moreover, NullPointer Exception was one of the major issues in Java, which causes app crashes. Since Kotlin has an effective strategy and features to deal with this error, developers can build robust apps with minimal crashes.


By considering all the benefits, Kotlin is the future of Android app development. The language has robust features that aid in building powerful apps. However, the language can’t do anything if the developer does not have adequate knowledge of it. Developers play an important role in creating successful apps.

Therefore, it is extremely essential to hire Android developers from reliable companies. Make sure you know all the tactics and tips to hire dedicated Android developers, whether you choose to go online or hire someone from your local It agency.