Raid: Shadow Legends Quick Guide for Beginners

Raid: Shadow Legends is a popular turn-based strategy game that has captured the interest of millions of players worldwide. With its rich lore, detailed graphics, and strategic gameplay, it offers a challenging yet rewarding experience. This guide aims to help beginners get a solid start in the game.

Getting Started with Raid: Shadow Legends


Choosing Your Starter Champion:

At the beginning of the game, you are given a choice between four starter champions: Kael, Athel, Galek, and Elhain. Each has its strengths, but Kael is often recommended due to his versatility and strong AoE (Area of Effect) abilities, which make progressing through the early game easier.

Understanding the Basics:

•Energy: This is required to participate in most game modes. Energy replenishes over time or can be refilled using various in-game items and currency.

•Silver: The primary currency used for upgrading gear and artifacts.

•Gems: The premium currency, which can be used to purchase energy, shards, and other valuable items.

Progressing Through the Campaign

Campaign Mode:

The campaign is the best place to start. It not only provides a compelling storyline but also valuable rewards such as champions, gear, and experience. Focus on completing the campaign on Normal difficulty before moving to Hard and Brutal.

Farming and Leveling Up:

•Farming XP: Use the campaign to farm experience points (XP) for your champions. Stages like 12-3 on Brutal difficulty are popular spots for XP farming.

•Leveling Up: Focus on leveling up a core team of champions to progress through the game. Investing in a strong team early will pay off in the long run.

Dungeons and Challenges


Dungeons are key to obtaining rare gear and potions to ascend your champions. Start with the easier dungeons like the Dragon’s Lair and Minotaur’s Labyrinth. As you progress, tackle the more challenging ones like the Fire Knight’s Castle and the Spider’s Den.

Clan Boss:

Joining a clan is essential for taking on the Clan Boss, which provides valuable rewards based on the damage dealt. Aim to join an active clan that can regularly defeat the Clan Boss, as the rewards are crucial for long-term progression.

Building and Upgrading Champions

Artifacts and Gear:

•Equip Proper Artifacts: Each champion has specific needs regarding artifacts. Pay attention to the set bonuses and stats that benefit your champion’s role (e.g., Attack, Defense, Speed).

•Upgrade Gear: Use silver to upgrade gear, but be mindful of the cost. Upgrading to level 8 or 12 is generally a good strategy early on.

Ascension and Masteries:

•Ascend Your Champions: Use potions from dungeons to ascend your champions, increasing their stats and unlocking new abilities.

•Unlock Masteries: Masteries provide powerful enhancements to your champions. Focus on farming scrolls from the Minotaur’s Labyrinth to unlock masteries for your core team.

Strategic Play and Long-Term Goals

Arena Battles:

Participate in the Arena to earn medals used to boost your Great Hall, which provides permanent stat increases to all your champions. Build a balanced team to climb the ranks effectively.

Managing Resources:

Be strategic with your resources. Save gems for energy refills and important purchases. Be cautious with spending silver and only upgrade gear that significantly benefits your champions.

Long-Term Planning:

Raid: Shadow Legends is a marathon, not a sprint. Set long-term goals, such as building teams for each dungeon, progressing through the campaign difficulties, and enhancing your Great Hall.

Raid: Shadow Legends offers a deep and engaging experience for both casual and competitive players. By focusing on building a strong core team, managing your resources wisely, and progressing through the campaign and dungeons, you can set a solid foundation for your journey. Remember, patience and strategic planning are key to mastering the game. Enjoy your adventure in Teleria!