Apple filed Patent Applications for an Advanced Flash redirection System

Apple might be developing a new way of digital camera technology. In the same way autofocus works on the iPhone 4 is the same way this technology will work. Users will be able to focus the flash on specific areas, by using the device’s touch sensitive. “The camera incorporates a scene condition sensor to evaluate image information with the user’ lighting directions. Once the information is processed it directs a number of the many lights…

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Auto3G new Application release in Cydia

Browsing Cydia today I came across an application that I personally things is a must have. Auto3G, from the title you get a hint of what the application is about. The app automatically turns off 3G when you lock your iPhone and back on when you unlock the iPhone. I didn’t hesitate to purchase this, I think this will greatly extend my iPhone battery life. I’m always using 3G when I’m away from home, and…

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Mobile Navigator Update: Live Traffic

The makers of the app Mobile Navigator, Navigon, will be announcing a live traffic feature tomorrow, that is due to come out in October. This update will only be for the North American version of the software. They have already release a update early this month ‘text to speech’ which puts them ahead of all the iPhone navigation software on the app store.

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