Mobile App Marketing

Every service and product on a market has one key component in its life cycle – Marketing. Pretty much any product you can think of or point your finger at around you requires marketing, pull out your iPhone or Android running phone from your pocket and you will find dozens or hundreds (really depends on your appetite for using various app) apps and each of these mobile apps does require certain degree of Marketing.

This summer the iTunes App Store celebrated its 3-d birthday, the store for mobile apps, was launched by Apple on June 2008, they pioneered with the whole idea of having an application store for a mobile device. What a gold time it was at the very beginning – for the first several months app developers pretty much could be confident that once they come up with an solid idea for an app they got it – it will bring a cash flow. Bingo – almost no marketing efforts required! Fast forward – October, 2011, more then 500,000 iOS apps later Any iPhone or iPad app requires serious marketing!

So, you can look at the App Store from a user perspective or iOS app developer perspective, yes – user may experience difficulties of finding the best app for a certain purpose but it’s a big deal, he may Google up a app review site and get some hints from there, ask his friend or just dump this idea for a moment – heavens won’t fall. It is totally different case when it comes to app developer – if your app is sitting in nowhere, your users simply have no idea about your app it implies that all your efforts to develop it just go out of the window. 5-10 months of your hard work is over and…nothing happens – you’ve published your app and see miserable number of downloads (read profit), I have heard this story too many times.

ComboApp as a mobile app marketing agency was born after we’d seen from our own iPhone app development and marketing experience that we couldn’t really find the right company to help us with apps marketing and so we’d gained pretty valuable experience we should leverage in a app marketing agency we’d decided to create. Over the years we’ve tried lots of different marketing technics and quite frankly – this process of refinement never stops. Now I would like to present you the top 3 items of your app marketing plan:

Marketing copy. Developing solid coherent app marketing copy, it implies have a really well designed icon, that speaks for itself and give an app a unique identity, remember that app user will skim through tons of apps on the App Store and his decision which one to buy maybe triggered by an app’s icon easily. Than the app’s description – it’s about balance between exposing the app’s best features and not overloading pure user with too much information, otherwise he either fall asleep while reading or just move on. App’s screenshots should really tell a small story about the app – what is about. The app’s title and keywords set should be well thought through from a both user perspective and app’s ranking on the App store point of view.

Day D – the launch. An app’s launch on the App Store should not happens in a vacuum – you need to have a professionally written press release, the list of app review sites you know will publish your app review, app should have its website / webpage ready to expose it, Twitter account and Fan Page for an app should already exist and you need to have a ready strategy what you’re going to talk with your followers and fans.

Banner ads and mass Twitter outreach. Despite what you’ve read banner ads aren’t dead, it’s just its effectiveness do vary. The same goes for blasting promotional tweets about an app, BuySellAds has a great number of venders who will help to spread the word about your app to thousands of iOS app users. So you can use booth venues for an app promotion on its start and later on while you do feel that an interest to your app becomes to decrease.

The bottom line is mobile app development is just another form of a business and serious marketing is what also should go hand by hand with apps development.

Artyom Diogtev,

Head of Social Media in ComboApp

App Promotion agency