Auto3G vs iControl

Two product teams from the Cydia Store, iControl and Auto3G, are waging a very livid public battle the likes of which is rarely seen these days. IControl, the underdog feature leader, has taken a shot at Auto3G calling their product “not feature rich, in fact, feature poor”. Firing right back at iControl, Auto3G has called iControl “a copycat”. Both product teams created the only applications to actually save battery life on iPhones. By providing you…

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App Store has 300,000 Apps. Well Maybe more actually might be Less

Confuse? Well the people that collect the Data seem to be. According to Mobclix the AppStore apps has hit 300,000 just less than two months after the Apps hit 250,000. Is it possible to have an increase of 50,000 in just less than two months. According to Mobclix the precise amount is 300,975 thats 206,828 paid and 94,147 free. 148apps thinks different. They claim the total is 334,199. Then there is AppShopper who claims there…

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Auto3G new Application release in Cydia

Browsing Cydia today I came across an application that I personally things is a must have. Auto3G, from the title you get a hint of what the application is about. The app automatically turns off 3G when you lock your iPhone and back on when you unlock the iPhone. I didn’t hesitate to purchase this, I think this will greatly extend my iPhone battery life. I’m always using 3G when I’m away from home, and…

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