Bright Objects – Hidden Objects is the Perfect Game to Occupy your Time

bright object - hidden object

Whether you’re traveling to work on public transport or trying to kill some time throughout the day. The perfect way is to play a game on your phone. I’m not talking about any complicated game that you won’t finish on your commute. I’m talking about a simple puzzle game with hundreds of levels that you can pick from. Bright Objects – Hidden Object is one such game that is perfect for a quick 10 – 20 minutes journey. The game is all about searching and finding hidden objects in various pictures.

Test just how well your concentration and visual skills are and see just how many objects you can find. Immerse yourself in various locations and enjoy the colourful and dynamic content the game has to offer. Bright Objects – Hidden Object consist of over 2000+ levels all varying in difficulty. The unique thing about playing the game is that you can choose the levels in whatever order you want. So if you think you are a master then jump straight into the difficult levels. But if you are a novice then just start off slow and work your way through some vibrant levels. There are no limits or timers so you can take your time going through levels at your own pace.

bight objects hidden objects

Bright Objects – Hidden Object have a number of different features which include zooming in if objects are difficult to find. You can search objects by their shadows. 1 by 1 is where you have to find the object and only then will the other one appear. There are some interesting levels to pick from such as Black and White, nature, fantasy, pop art, and much more. You also have “the level of the day” and a special bonus to select from. All the levels that you have started will be placed into the “in progress” section so you can pick up exactly where you left off. Whilst in a game if it gets hard then you can use hints to show you where the object is.

The game is available on the App Store and Google Play Store and is completely free to download and play. The app is supported by ads but these can be removed for £8.99. If you’re happy to play with ads shown then you can do just that. I’ve managed to complete over 20 levels and the ads were no problem for me at all. You can also watch an ad to get more hints to complete levels quickly.

Download the game now and start your adventure.