STEP – Journal for Life: Review

If you are looking for the ultimate in journal and diary applications then Step Journal for Life is quite amazing. Step Journal will help you to easily capture your journey of life in a way that’s private and takes very little effort. As a diarist and journal blogger you will be amazed how using apps, wearable and social media will transform the way you record your diary and journal.

Step Journal for Life manages to gather those intimate moments in your life by taking snippets from your iPhone’s sensors, apps and social media entries and gathering all the information, putting it altogether and creating the journal for you; so you don’t have to make the effort yourself.

If you so choose, you can easily add emotion to those scattered events in your life by adding emoticons. The Stats and Personal Dashboard has beautifully illustrated diagrams of your daily patterns which allow you to look back and reflect on your days in style.

journal_1 journal-2

Overall the app is very easy to use and manages to aggregate a great deal of information from your smartphone before it translates it into emoticons and pictures of what you are doing with your day. It also will take pictures of what you eating and illuminate them in a great way. The journal will import things like your Facebook or Twitter status, check out the places you have visited, use the pictures you have taken and look at which friends have been tagged. Step Journal then takes this information and creates a diary and journals your life. Images from Swarm, Instagram and Twitter are also used.

The Step Journal also has seamless links with your iPhone Calendar. It will check out your iPhone Camera Roll and use the pictures you have taken there to put into your journal. It knows your location from your travels by checking out your GPS read outs on your iPhone. But before you think your privacy is being compromised, Step Journal and all its contents can be tweaked so that you are the only person allowed to view it.

It’s very easy for you to add in locations, images, videos and other stuff you want in your journal by a series of easy step-by-step clicks. The best thing is the dashboard that allows you to look at interesting stats about your life. You could aggregate how many times you paid a visit to the local gym for example or show how many times you visited your favourite pub or restaurant. It’s a way of capturing for life from the information on your iPhone.