Choosing Between WordPress Hosting And GoDaddy

Web Hosting services are an important part of online business. Not everyone can afford to buys servers and the infrastructure required building a website and keeping it running. This is where web hosting service providers come in. They help from the start – right from building your website to providing you the bandwidth and providing server space as well. This is a boon in today’s competitive world. If you want to learn more about cheap cdn, you can get more information right here. A web hosting service provider would give your website the stability to keep running at the same speed with minimal downtime.

WPEngine vs. GoDaddy


WPEngine focuses on WordPress as a platform. It offers hassle-free hosting solutions on robust and fast servers. They also guarantee that your website would be hack-proof. With excellent customer service, WPEngine stands out among the list of web hosting service providers. WPEngine offers various services like one-click restore points, automatic security updates, automatic caching, daily backups, one-click staging area, top-tier security, and a whole lot more. WPEngine has the best WordPress experts available for assistance. Big brands like FourSquare, HTC, Balsamiq, and SoundCloud use WPEngine to host their WordPress sites. WPEngine provides you with complete technical assistance so you can concentrate purely on your business. WPEngine also offers discount and coupon deals to deal with the competition in the market. These offers by WPEngine certainly make their plans affordable and very competitive.

WPEngine is one the biggest web hosting service provider catering to the WordPress platform. With stunning speed and powerful security, WPEngine is passionate about using WordPress as their platform. With webhosting companies rolling out various WordPress hosting packages, WPEngine is considered by many as the best service for managed WordPress hosting. Let’s look at the various pros and cons of choosing WPEngine as your service provider.


  •         Excellently managed WordPress hosting
  •         Faster page loading boosted by EverCache technology
  •         Best WordPress Support staff and technicians
  •         No fees charged for fixing a hacked site
  •         Automatic installation of WordPress updates
  •         Discount and offers give to compete with pricing
  •         Data backup and restore provided free of cost
  •         Separate environment for testing themes and plugins
  •         Long-term commitments not mandatory
  •         60-day free trial


  •         Slightly more expensive compared to the market
  •         Non-WordPress platforms not supported
  •         More visitors and more storage use will incur additional charges

While there are various disadvantages of choosing WPEngine as your service provider, the advantages outweigh them. The level of excellence provided by WPEngine is beyond compare. WPEngine provides solutions for personal bloggers and even multi-site branding solutions. All requirements are scaled and met at WPEngine. WPEngine even offers free automated migration from your current platform in minutes with minimal downtime. This eliminates the complexity, time, and cost associated with a full site migration.

Apart from the price factor, there are not many disadvantages of WPEngine. This is negated by various deals and offers given by WPEngine every now and then. The 60-day free trial also makes it risk free. When it comes to WordPress hosting, WPEngine provides you peace of mind and gives you a hassle-free WordPress blog. Users have also mentioned that WPEngine is literally hack-free and security is top notch.

Another important aspect of web hosting is the support team. WPEngine does not disappoint with this either. Their ticket based system runs on ZenDesk and is extremely easy to use. Add to this is the live chat feature which responds to you within seconds. This is very useful for people who prefer speaking to a live person rather than going through a ticket system for trouble shooting. WPEngine also provides the best developer tools for first time users. Cloning a site and working in s staging environment is extremely simple here. In addition, their automatic restore points ensure that your site will be running all the time without any hindrance.

Although many people may feel that WPEngine is expensive for small users, we can tell you that it is 100% worth the money. WPEngine will amaze you with their uptime, speed, stability, support, and security. Their services are so amazing that Automatic, the company that supports WordPress, decided to invest money in WPEngine. To conclude, WPEngine is the best solution when it comes to reliable managed WordPress hosting. Their flexible plan options also offer something for every budget. WPEngine is a one-stop solution for all WordPress hosting needs.


GoDaddy is the largest registrar of domain names in the world. It offers the most comprehensive website building tools. GoDaddy manages over 60 million domain names. It also has over 13 million paying customers. They provide excellent 24/7, 365 days customer service. GoDaddy provides users with professional design themes that they can use to build their website. Everything is as simple as drag and drop. With over 300 templates to choose from, there is no other service provider that can match this competency. Their website builder also enables you to create backup copies of your website at your convenience. This can come handy if something goes wrong with your website and you want to restore to an older version.


There is very little to choose between WPEngine and GoDaddy. Many web hosting service providers provide the best of services but these big game players provide everything possible under one umbrella. Keeping in mind the severity and importance of running a secure website, WPEngine and GoDaddy have the perfect solution for all customers.

GoDaddy has a separate set of plans for all type of customers. Be it individuals or big corporate entities. Their pricing is competitive and offer many features. WPEngine on the other hand offers deals and offers to keep with the growing competition in the market. This strategy keeps WPEngine ahead of its competitors and attracts many customers towards them.

In today’s competitive world, staying ahead of the game is a big advantage. Choosing a reliable web hosting service provider is a very important decision. Always weigh all pros and cons before making a decision. Pricing can always be the determining factor in case of similar service providers.