Boto the Pink Dolphin 2 – Review

Boto the pink dolphin is a character that will help your child learn – reading and listening along is central to what this loving creature character will offer. The app will help your child read along and listen to a tale of adventure. At the same time as listening and reading there will be a game for them to play, after all, you wouldn’t expect children’s concentration to last for very long without some form of game to become involved in?

However, the associated game does help to focus on creative learning, flexibility and enhancing recognition. Boto the Pink Dolphin is essentially an educational tool which is more like an eBook than an app. It tells the story of a pod of dolphins and their various characters, while documenting their adventures they will experience under the sea.

Kids will be thrilled with the developing story and will be excited by the opportunity to play along in the game and become part of the action. All the captions and voice overs from the actors’ narration is provided in English, Japanese and Korean in order to help children develop and cultivate reading skills and experience in foreign languages.

boto_2 boto_1

Boto the Pink Dolphin is both a learning and playing app that has been developed and written by education experts and teachers for children. Much of the research that went into the app was developed by the Children’s Creativity Institution. It is essentially a story within a game, or a game within a story where you have fun and lovable characters that your child can play and learn with.

There is also a learning feedback system for parents, so you can monitor the progress of your little ones. Using the feedback from this information you can identify your own child’s learning capabilities, shortfalls and development criteria. If necessary, you may even use this information to adapt some of the teaching methods accordingly.

Boto the Pink Dolphin has six stages of teaching and learning to go through. Each section will give the user instructions and guidance on what is expected. The app is designed for children aged six to about eight years old and at the end of each stage completed you will have to check your child’s progress. It is here that the app will show your child’s grade. The final stage of the game is for creative drawing which will help your youngster develop sophistication and originality.

I tried Boto the Pink Dolphin on my iPhone and iPad and I must say because of the large screen on the iPad it simply works better.